Week 1:
Tu March 30
Intro/get books/ kits
Discuss project concept and scope

Th April 1
Initial ideas run through
Team Makeup
DUE Individual rough initial ideas

Week 2:
Tu  April 6
Electronics Introduction
Have your Arduinos ready
DUE Group Concept Document (character, interface , costume sketches, interactions script)

Th April 8
Electronics Workday

Week 3:
Tu  April 13
Electronics , working with sensors
DUE: you must have your own sensors by this date !!

Th April 15
Circuit Assembly
DUE Working sensor circuits

Week 4:
Tu  April 20
Unity Basics
- Learning the interface
- Asset Workflow
- Creating Scenes
- Publishing Builds
Introduction to Programming in Unity
DUE: Chapters 1-3 from Unity Book

Th April 22
Unity Gameplay
- Working with Prefabs and Components
- Transforms
- Input Manager
- Sound
- GUI Elements
- Lights and Cameras
- Particle System
Working with Unity Art Assets
DUE: Chapters 4-6 from Unity Book

Week 5:
Tu  April 27
Unity Animation System
Character Animation Demo
DUE: Chapters 7-10 from Unity Book

Th April 29
Unity Serial Input / Output Plugin
Physical Interfacing with Unity using sensors
Scripting Character to respond to sensor input
DUE: Fully Rigged Character with Art and Colliders

Week 6:
Tu May 4
Playtest / Feedback
DUE: Mini Encounter Game

Th May 6
Laser cutter demo
Costume fabrication demo

Week 7:
Tu May 11
DUE: Costume rough drafts Due/ with hardware integration

Th May 13
Work on Costumes

Week 8:
Tu May 18
Begin Work on group Encounters
DUE: Final Costumes with Hardware

Th May 21
Continue work on Encounters

Week 9:
Tu May 25
Continue work on Encounters
DUE: Encounter Proof of concept

Th May 27
Continue work on Encounters

Week 10:
Tu June 1
Rehearsal Performance!!
DUE: Final Encounters, Fully debugged software and hardware

Th June  3
Live Performance!

Finals Week:

Documentation Due posted online