Unity Game Examples:
some quick well polished aunity games at Blurst <here>
Unity game competition entries - playable <here>
Fiest - Very nice looking unity game <here>

Sample Projects:
- 2D side scroller Unity template  <here>
-2dShooter -
2D top scroller spaceship game example + pdf <here>

-Unity3D script reference <here>

Colliders / Maya:
-Creating colliders in Maya and Compound colliders PDF (thanks: David Wicks) <here>

2D textures:
-Read this thread about trasnparency in unity <here>
-I recommend the Solidify Plugin for photoshop to create non fuzzy 2D textures by bleeding out the colors under the alpha chanel- DL as part of the “freebies” plugin package <here>

Unity Wiki: <here>
-Programming help <here>
-Scripts uploaded by the community <here>
-Unity plugin for the Wii mote <here>
-Unity plugin for processing audio input from a microphone <here>

Unity Asset Server: <here>

Arduino Unity Interface Resources <package> <zip file>

Electronics Vendors:
allelectronics - local vendor for surplus - good place to look first
jameco electronics- big mail vendor good for new stuff
digikey - big mail vendor good for new stuff