Work on Putting things together:

Integrate monkey code and Analog Sticks
Intergate start (monket enters left)
Integrate End (Monkey exits right)

Important Things to keep in mind:

Screen Resolution needs to be 1920 x 1080
- Players Will use Analog Joysticks -make sure your keybindings a re correct!
Duration - Your game should last no more than 7 minutes! try and design the game so it “stretches” to 7 minutes for a strong player and gets easier for weaker players. You can use dynamic difficulty adjustments in your code that are based on the time remaining.
Death - When a player dies we will have another audience member replace them as the main (monkey) character - you should design around this idea so that there is a quick indication of death and respawning - no need to restart your game - ideally you would play a death animation, reset some elements, and allow the next player to continue quickly.
Stage Enter Left - your monkey should enter on the left side of the screen as your scene starts.
Stage Exit Right - your monkey should exit on the right side of the screen as your scene ends.
One Scene Only! - each act must  be comprised of exactly one scene (no more).
Diagetic Intro/Tutorial - Try and avoind wasting time on an “intro” as each act is quite short - try and build this into your game as the player progresses - dont use a cut scene.
Diagetic Instructions - Same goes for instructions / keys - integrate this into the playable act - this could be audio or text / graphic overlay that could or could not away after a while. you can also bind the instructions to a key on the joystick like the select key (we are using a PS2 style joystick)
One Arduino Per Act - yach act should have exactly one arduino connected to it.