DESMA C152B/252B
Interactive Media 2
Spring 2010 , UCLA Design Media Arts

When: Tuesday, Thursday:  2:00pm – 4:45pm
Where: Broad Art Center room 4230, Fabrication Labs
Professor: Eddo Stern
TA: Mubbasir Kapadia

Concept Document

Rough draft DUE : April 1

This Rough draft document should include your ideas and sketches for the following elements:

1. Concept art for Actor (could be a Character or object vegetable, terrain, environment, animal , anything….)
2. Method or control or Interface  - what kind of sensor of physical interface will be used to “puppet” the actor
3. Concept art for the costume that the puppateer wears
4. Ideas/scripts for types of interaction between the player and your actor

Final group version DUE : Tuesday April 6  - 2:00pm on the class website

Post a PDF of your group Scene including these aspects:
1. Integration of the individual actors into one Scene

2. Detailed Script for interactions during your group encounter / act
3. Visual sketches or each actor on screen
4. Visual sketches or each actor’s Costume / Interface
5. Some technical overview of what input sensros your are looking at using