Katamari Game


Katamari Catastrophe


The goal of the game is to be the player who collects the most pieces of the city. Each player will get to “roll” through the city colleting as much as possible while the city manager tries to slow down and if possible stop the other players. Players will get the chance each turn to try and consume another part of the city or steal part or what another player has already accumulated.


Getting Started –

First the “city manager” must build the city using the game board tokens. Starting with a 4 x 4 grid the manager then expands in any direction (up or out) until they have used 40 tokens. The manager will then place the three player tokens in the center of the city in any order that they choose. Then the manager will place their own token on any square in the city.


1 Turn –

Players – Roll a six sided dice to determine the number of movements that player will get that turn. The player will then have the choice to move to a new square and pick up a piece of the city or to try and steal a piece from another player. For a player to be able to pick up a piece of the city they must have more pieces accumulated than the height of the city square (so if the square is 5 pieces tall the player must have at least 6 pieces accumulated). The player will also have the opportunity to steal pieces from other players, in order to do this they must use one of their movements to bump into the other player if they have more accumulated pieces then they successfully steal one piece from the other player. This will continue until all of the city squares have been picked up.


Manager – The city manager does whatever he can to stop the players from taking all of the city. Each turn they will roll a six sided dice to determine the number of city squares they will get to place that turn. They will then place the squares however they see fit. They will also get the chance to move their game token. This manager token can’t be passed by players unless it is attacked by more than one player in a single round.



Game comes to an end when all the pieces from the game board have been collected and the city manager token has been defeated. The winning player is the one with the most total pieces collected.

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