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The Hollywood Game

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Point of View

In this game, players are given a role as head of a production studio and tasked with making the company as successful as possible. Players compete to produce and distribute the most profitable movie each round. The message is communicated as players are not specifically cast as “bad guys” but rather find themselves unable to create quality films and still make money at the same time. A potential additional ruleset would involve the acquiring of academy awards which compared to trying to make money would at first appear as a quality vs money, but simply turn out to be a notoriety vs. money as there are still ways of gaming the system.



Game play is centered around various phases. In the production phases players use cards to represents the various “aspects” of the combined movie package. These cards could represents anything form a screenplay to a commitment from a celebrity to a licensing deal. The distribution phase of the game is played out on a map board where token representing copies of the film and advertising effort are placed to try and draw as much profit as possible from various territories. Profitability of a film is determined by its combined aspect points. Interaction with other players will take the form of event cards which can hinder each other’s progress and a “bidding war” phase in which players are able to negotiate trading of cards


Other notes:

The tokens will likely be made from cardboard which will then be cut by laser cutter


Overall Pieces:

  • Distribution tokens
  • Marketing tokens
  • Location filming tokens
  • Cards
  • Game Board
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