Reading Response 4

  1. In this article, the author treats games with a more realistic point of view and compares them with the real world.  He starts by pointing out that game themes were originally made to represent the real world.  He compares them to real life situations when an event occurs and is converted into a documentary, an element he claims most games lack.  He emphasizes that the simple fact is that games almost never represent the real world.  To the author, a documentary game has to somehow simulate the real world in some way in order to be classified as such.
  2. The way the point of view the game is set in will affect the person playing the game.  In another sense, a game with a very sided point of view may very well bother or even distract a player from playing the game.  In a polemical game, two or more different versions of a game can be derived differently, since there is always one or more opposing views.  However, many click-adventure games may be the only ones in existence to ever serve as a medium for a point of view, since those games tend to be preset in a visual-novel type of style.
  3. A very good example is the Ace Attorney series from Capcom, where for 4 whole games, you are a lawyer on the defense with a client who is almost never guilty- you just have to prove it.  Of course, the game takes the “innocent until proven guilty” aspect and turns it into “guilty until proven innocent.”  Some games in the Golden Eye 007 series may also have a strong polemical view- the many people you encounter against are plotting something a regular terrorist or invader would do.
  4. In a documentary game, a player may take control of the events that occur in the game and manipulate the results to their favor.  In other words, with a documentary game a player may get to make up a story that simulates a possible or desirable event in the real world.  In a documentary film, the events are preset for the audience, as the events have actually occurred in the past.


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