Reading response 7

1.        In MMORPGs, the diegetic part of games is the clear elements regarding the theme and context of that game.  In most medieval games, the diegetic attributes are most usually associated with medieval themes themselves.  The extra diegetic part of games is the less clear elements of the game that contribute to the plot or progression in a game.  In medieval themed MMORPGs, these are usually a given to the player in order to help progress the plot.

2.       The central paradox of immerse narrative and computer paradox refers to the digital space provided by technology, usually for gamers (like our fellow MMORPG player) that would otherwise be impossible to experience in the real life.  Usually in these virtual spaces, the narrative is exaggerated, along with regular human properties and their surroundings.

3.       A sanctioned artifact- Something that cuts out logic but fits into a video game, like jumping 10 feet high or having extra lives

A technological artifact- as it says, anything that has to do with technology not really related to the game itself, like when a player disconnects from a game during a dungeon

Gameplay artifact- is directly derived from the game, like hitpoints or experience

Metaphorically-patched artifacts- Anything not part of the game but implemented into it, and probably harmful to the regular gameplay, like glitches.


4.       In my opinion, the most dominant genre in modern gaming would be MMORPGs themselves with medieval settings, whether it’d be in Europe, Asia, or fantasy (to name a few themes).  Gamers most usually like to look past on these times since they never got to live through them.  Only now, the game is projected as a virtual world with magic, superpowers, and other exaggerated abilities in order to enhance this experience the gamer really never had in real life.

5.       Romance is a theme that occurs between two genders, usually.  With this in mind, it gives designers very limited elements to play on, since most humans already get the gist of romance.  This is why most of these games tend to end up being visual novels, in order to contain an enhanced, lengthened, and interesting story.

6.       In a game, limitations may include anything that a film, writing, or television have not.  The latter subjects are very linear, as a game’s only job is to branch off from a linear story or situation and provide the audience with choices.  However, the designer is limited to only what he/she can come up with when making a game.

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