The “Spiderhead” Expirement


Players- 3- 8


Game Pieces- 8 player cards, 50 tokens, 60 cards, 1 piece of paper, timer.


In this game you will venture into the “spiderhead” laboratories and join Dr. Abnesti as he attempts his trials on his wide array of drugs. You will have you with and will pushed to the limit in this social study as you attempt to outwit the doctor and you fellow patients to try and “escape”.



Rules –

To begin the game the player playing as the doctor (or both the doctor and his assistant if more players are playing) will write down on the sheet of paper how many of the players will be alive after 15 turns, the then proceeds with 15 rounds of play. The game is played in two phases planning and action. During the planning phase each player will draw a card then they will have 2 minutes to choose the card they will play, patients will play 1 card each and the doctor will play one for each player. The action phase will then start with the doctor revealing and playing all of his cards then the patients will play. Winning is accomplished for players if they can beat the doctors plans after 15 turns, for the doctor victory is accomplishing what was written on the paper at the beginning of the game. Any player who surpasses their level of veraline at any time can not play cards until they are given darkenfloxx again, at which points levels go down to 0. Any player who goes over their level of Darkenfloxx at any point is dead and out of the game.





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