Due: Thursday May 5th

Write a 2 pg response to one of the polemical games listed under “Week 6-8″ Playlist page.

Please touch on the following points in addition to  descrbing the game and your experience playing :

1. what is the point of view in the game you played
2. Describe how the game creator establishes a point of view in the game?
3. What agency does the player have within the polemical structure of the game?
4. How does the game differ from a possible filmic documentary approach to the subject?

Polemical Game with a point of view
DUE : In class and PDF Thursday May 17th

Design a board game for 1-8 players that has a point of view on a subject that you care about and have a clear point of view that you want to communicate to your players!

You do not need to present any kind of “balanced” point of view - the point of this assignment is to try and get a point of view across – in fact the less “fair an balanced” your point of view is the more in line with the assignment you will be.

Other requirements:
1. Use the laser cutter for this project !
2. This is a three week project – get a head start as we expect more polish and more complex games this time
3. In your design, think about how you balance the intent of the game creator is conveying a point of view and what agency the player has within your system

DUE: game in class and PDF with images posted on the Due date


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