DUE: Thursday May 12th

Salen & Zimmerman, “Rules of Play”: Chapter 26

1. The chapter in ROP examines a critical debate in game design – the role, function and definition of “narrative” in games.
A) Describe, from your own game playing experience, an example of what would make up the embedded narrative and the emergent narrative in a particular game.

2. A) What do you think narrative descriptors contribute to the enhancement of the game play experience? B) What do think happens when there are no narrative descriptors – describe an example of a game like this? C) How does this concept relate to constitutive and operational rules?

3. A) Following the arguments in ROP – describe how cutscenes may contribute to and/or detract from a meaningful and pleasurable play experience (see the sidebar on pg 411 for the “cons”). B) Explain your personal take on the value of cutscenes?


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