DUE: Thursday May 19th

Stern, Eddo ,  “A Touch of Medieval: Narrative, Magic and Computer Technology in Massively Multiplayer Computer Role-Playing Games”

1) Explain the terms diegetic and extra diegetic as used in “A Touch of Medieval ”.
2) Explain what is described as the central paradox of immersive narrative and computer technology.
3)  From your own game playing experience, describe specific examples of the following  narrative elements:  a sanctioned artifact, a technological artifact, a gameplayer artifact, In addition, describe an example of a metaphorically patched artifact.
4)  Following the example and cultural arguments made in “A Touch of Medieval ..” for the emergence of magical fantasy games as a dominant genre, locate what you consider to be a common narrative game structure (for instance: particular historical wars, science fiction, city planning, sports gaming, arm chair general, horror…) and make a cultural argument as to why you believe this particular genre has emerged as a dominant game genre or theme.
5) What do you think is the difficulty with designing a game that may be categorized as a “romance” game? This is a common genre found in film, theater, music and literature – why do believe games have not embraced this narrative structure?
6) Following up on the previous question – what do you think are the limitations of the game medium in comparison to writing, film, television?

Adaptation: Short Story to Game : DESIGN DOCUMENTS
DUE : In class Tuesday May 24th and posted PDF online

Choose one of the following George Saunders short stories from the following options to adapt into a board game. You are required to read all of these stories and select the one you wish to adapt. For the first part of this Assignment You will write design document for an adaptation of the story into a  multiplayer tabletop board game. This is the most difficult game assignment to Date!

And the stories are:

X-Commcomm (PG Rated)

X Escape From SpiderHead (R Rated)

Puppy (PG Rated)

Winky (PG Rated)

Sea Oak (R Rated)


1)   The challenge this week is to focus on the complexities of adapting narrative into a game, design your game to incorporate game mechanics and dynamics that keep the game narrative front and center. Think about plot progression? Character identification? how to deal with time moving forward? how to deal with surprise and suspense? how to deal with making the game replayable? etc etc.. lots of challenges

2)  You may choose any of the conflict structures from the options for week 3 : Competitive Multiplayer Free-For-All , Team based Multiplayer, Asymmetrical Multiplayer, Competitive Multiplayer VS “Computer” or “Game Master”, or invent your own!

3) Remember that your adaptation is for a board game that you will be actually producing as your final project DUE on Finals Week– so keep this in mind and this is the time to produce your GAMING MASTERPIECE !!! Show us what you can do…

- In class –
A short 10 minute presentation of your PDF

- Posted to the class site
A 3-5 Page PDF of your project including concept art and gameplay mechanics.
(Note this PDF should be quite elaborate and specific)


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