Project 2 Final – [Final] BOXTOPIA

by Alex Wong & Diane Han

We finalized our game BOXTOPIA. All the objects are put into the game now.

Please ejnoy!









Title page

Title page
















In game 1


In game 2

Project 2 Final – Desert Run – Art Assets

We’re still trying to get our game properly programmed, but if in the event that doesn’t happen in time, here is a compilation of all of the art assets that were made for the game.

Character Animation – Idle

Character Animation – Running

Character Animation – Jump

Concept art: Desert Level – this was ostensibly going to make up the actual level itself (the dirt, backgrounds, mountains, trees, etc. were going to be split up into individual elements and affected by the music of the game).

Title screens:

Game Over Screen – Victory

Game Over Screen – Defeat

Venin Harbor (Continued) by Thomas and Greg

Web Player:

This is a completely redone version of our Project 1 game, Venin Harbor, as some of you saw during our special presentation.  If you left early, please play our game and try it out! There are two full levels to play through; the first level is pretty standard, and you can use the diving mechanic as well to blast your way through.  Be careful though, because the squid boss cannot be harmed, you must time it out.  On the second level, you must fight your way through a naval base to reach the source of the pollution.

KNOWN BUGS: Ignore the space icon in the text; use return to scroll through instead (this we will fix). The V formation squids on the first level do not die.  Treat them as an obstacle for now.  THE BOSS ENGINE DOES NOT DIE, therefore you cannot fight the boss.  For now, see if you can even reach the boss!  As soon as we have these bugs fixed, we’ll have an even more playable version up.  Of course, feel free to leave suggestions/comments/feedback, as we WILL be continuing this project. Other than that, have fun!!!

(Psst, we’re looking for someone who can possibly produce a fitting soundtrack for us~!  You should comment if you’re interested.)  :)

Project 2 Final – Steam Frontier

Steam Frontier by Jose Perez and Liam Allman

Double Click on things to make things happen.

For example, when it’s the player’s turn, you double click on the train or buggy you want to use (make it active). Options will pop up. If you want to attack an adjacent enemy, double click the enemy then press attack.

Press spacebar to end the turn of the player unit you clicked on.

You win when all the enemies are killed.

Note: There are known bugs with the clicking, so sometimes you have to double click a few times to active something.

Web Version

Mac Version

Windows Version

Project 2 Final – [Project 2] BOXTOPIA

Alex Wong & Diane Daeun Han


Link to Web Player:

Link to PC Standalone

Link to MAC Standalone


3D Objects were not uploaded due to some technical difficulty. The demo:


Title page





Instruction page






3D images of the various objects in game.

Project 2 Final – “Pork vs. Boon” by Thomas and Greg

Web Player:

Note that we are _NOT_ satisfied by the music, as we will be replacing them with custom made soundtracks (hopefully).  The sound effects may need change also.

Things that have changes: Ring shape changed to fit boundaries, background edited, title screen and instructions added.

Towers may now be upgraded!  Press X and M to blow your horn whenever your penguin gets the urge to do so (indicated by lightbulb).  Fish now appear as bait when you press ctrl. Tower capturing is now fixed, and indicated by a flag as opposed to numbers.  All animations are now refined.

Project 2 Final – Mad World




Web Version



Dream World (Top Down)

  • Use the W, A, S, D keys to move
  • Click on items to active them
  • Use the space bar to use them

Real World (Side Scroller)

  • Use the A, D keys to move left and right
  • Use the W key to pick up items and activate the Elevator
  • Use W and S at the stairs to go up and down a floor respectively