Senior Projects:
Visual Communication
DESMA 159C, Spring 2016
T/Th 9-12, Broad 4250
Instructor: Noa Kaplan
Course Description

Senior Projects provides a capstone experience for the major, culminating in the Senior Show in June. You will work closely with the faculty to focus on a project defined by the your individual skills and professional interests. Each project will employ a process of research, conceptual development, prototype development, refinement, and production. You will also engage in critical analyses by reviewing and critiquing othersʼ works.

The 159C Senior Projects class focuses on visual communication, which includes books, poster series, interactive installations, and other hybrid processes. Senior Projects is the only course offered that is directed by each studentʼs individual goals, interests and skills.

Visual communication should not be understood as limiting a project to technically mediated forms. Works in all mediums are considered. You are encouraged to work with media that allow you to hone in on your conceptual and visual sensibilities, and with which you already have proficiency.

This is a studio and critical discussion course about a living and changing practice. Regard yourself and your work for this class seriously and as one component of a life-long field of study.


60% - Final Project

20% – Engagement throughout the course (active participation and substantive contribution to the weekly critiques and discussions)

20% – Process and project documentation

Punctuality, focus, articulation of concepts, and contribution to class discussions are all part of class participation.

Classes start at 9:00 AM. If you are 15 minutes late, you will receive a tardy. 3 tardies will turn into 1 absence. Every unexcused (before the class time) absence equals 1 full grade down (A to B), 3 unexcused absences result in a failing grade.

If there is an emergency and you will be late or absent from the class, please email me.