Note: Read all of each PDF unless otherwise specified in the syllabus.

WEEK 3: MONDAY _ 04.17.17
The Altered Landscape by Peter E. Pool (Prologue only, up to page xxi)
Presented by: Jennifer Acosta, Rosalind Chang, Telie Chen

WEEK 3: WEDNESDAY _ 04.19.17
River of Shadows by Rebecca Solnitt. Chapter 1: Annihilation of time and space.
Presented by: Hillary Cleary, Nicole Chooke, and Tara Dilloughery

WEEK 4: MONDAY _ 04.24.17
Photography After Frank. Parts 1 and 2 from the reader.
Presented by: Jason Farwell, Anran Gong, and Zoe Ingram

WEEK 4: WEDNESDAY _ 04.26.17
Theories of Photography by Sabine Kriebel, from Photography Theory, pp. 3–22. Focus on Talbot, Kracauer, and Szarkowski.
The Author as Producer by Walter Benjamin, pp. 94–95
Presented by: Alison Jeng and Delaney Kasdorf

WEEK 5: MONDAY _ 05.01.17
Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs By Ansel Adams.
View Finder by Mark Klett. Part 2 only.
Presented by: Isabella Kefgen and Miller Klitsner

WEEK 5: WEDNESDAY _ 05.03.17
The Last Picture Show by Douglas Fogle.

Presented by: Lilyan Kris and Shuwen Liu

WEEK 6: MONDAY _ 05.08.17
California by Robert Adams.
Topologies by Edgar Martin. Parts 1 and 2.
Presented by: Elana Sasson and Sofia Staab-Gulbenkian

WEEK 6: WEDNESDAY _ 05.10.17
“Zero Landscapes in the Time of Hyperobjects” by Timothy Morton.
“The Politics of Verticality” from The Wretched of the Screen by Hito Steyerl.
Presented by: Briana Tran, Zichao Xu and Erica Young

WEEK 7: MONDAY _ 05.15.17
Reading: Surface: Contemporary Photographic Practice
Presented by: Alexander Yih, Fanyi Yu, and Tyler Yin
This will be the last assigned reading in the course.