Course Description:

154. Word + Image (5)

Studio, six hours; outside study, nine hours. Preparation: completion of preparation for major courses. Enforced requisite: course 101 or 104. Focus on relationship of type to content, image, and materials. Acquisition of knowledge of and sensitivity to typography in context of complex communication problems in print and digital media. Research, concept and content development, and articulation of methodology for visualization. P/NP or letter grading.

Class structure:

Classroom time will be used primarily to review work either as class discussion or individual meetings.  Every week you will have a new Project due the following class meeting or week.  Work is to be presented according to instructions by 2:00 pm.


You must demonstrate through the readings, projects (both process and end project) as well as through classroom discussion that you grasp the material being taught.


You must attend each class. This class will cover a lot of material in a short period of time. There is little, if any, way to make up for a lost class. You are responsible for work due on the day you are absent and for Projects given on the day you missed. An emergency or illness is the only acceptable excuse. You must let the T.A. and me know, prior to the class meeting, that either you will a) miss the class and the reason; or b) why you did not attend. Class begins promptly at 2:00pm. There is a 5-minute grace period. If you arrive to class between 2:05 and 2:15 you will be marked tardy. Every tardy is a 1/3 grade point down on your final grade (A+ to A). If you are later than 15 minutes you’ll be marked absent. Each (unexcused) absence will result in one full grade letter down (A+ to B+). Three unexcused absences will result in a failed grade in the class (F).


Each class you will be evaluated equally on the following:

  • Success of project
  • Presentation of project
  • Quality of effort
  • Class participating and engagement
  • Understanding of the reading material
  • Attendance, depending on the circumstances, will also affect your grade as stated above.

Your final grade is the average of all grades in combination with your attendance records.

DMA Lectures:

Your attendance is required at least 3 lectures offered by the DMA during the Spring quarter. The following Lecture is required: Yoshua Okón on April 27, 2017. EDA. Each missed lecture counts as an ‘absence’ and thus affects your grade as stated above. The class T.A. and/or I will record your attendance.


Turn off cell phones during class.  No food in class.  No text messaging, ichatting, skyping , or emailing during class.