The Veggie Flip

My game is called The Veggie Flip. For my game, players have to flip as many veggies over that they can before 30 seconds is up. There are three main veggies for the players to flip over: The corn, eggplant, and tomato. When a player clicks a veggie once, the veggie will flip over on the y axis. When the veggie is clicked twice, the veggie will turn back over on the y axis and the player will receive one point. Once a veggie is flipped over twice and the player earns a point, the veggie will disappear. Unfortunately, the tomato cannot be flipped over twice due to its delicate and soft nature. The three main veggies in the game will repeatedly show up when a different veggie disappears. When 30 seconds are up, a text will appear in the center of the screen that says that the game is over. Once the game is over, the game will restart. The objective of The Veggie Flip is to receive as many points possible by flipping over as many veggies as possible.