“Alien!” Is a game which is, first and foremost, meant to be something which supports a broader statement. As someone who has been too shy, too anxious, too tired, and just too confused to figure out how to navigate a lot of activism, I wanted “Alien!” to be a game which could potentially catalyse the potential that is there in many other people, or at least start them on a path of being educated about current events in an unintimidating way. In terms of gameplay, “Alien!” is a card-based guessing game, with players splitting up into two groups, around the “officer” and the “caller” characters. One player is in each role in every round, making for two people who are actively “acting” and talking to each other, and the other players play supporting roles to their team while trying to guess what pop-culture extra terrestrial the Caller has drawn from the Alien Card deck. The caller also has to sneak in an assortment of alien-themed words from the Word Card deck, and the officer team has to try and guess when they appear. The officer has an Incident Report they may refer to guide questioning. This game was originally conceived as a direct method of activism/trolling, with callers calling into the VOICE hotline—the significance of “aliens” then becomes more directly clear, as the language on all VOICE hotline press refers to immigrants as “illegal aliens”—and spinning their extra-terrestrial tale there. Due to the unstable nature of the hotline (and the administration itself), the call-in component is not present in the main gameplay, but alternative instructions are given in the game booklet for those who decide that they would like to call in.