159A: Senior Project

Week 1 - Where are you?

On Monday, imagine the direction or areas you want to work in. Which kinds of projects? Which kinds of technologies? For Wednesday, imagine three possible projects and write a short description for each on a separate notecard. Do some research into prior work related to the topic(s) of the possible projects. Share three of these researched projects with the class in a 5 minute presentation in class on Wednesday. These are projects that you are excited about and relate closely to your interests for the class. Show each project in a manner appropriate for its medium to maximize our understanding.

Week 3 - What will you make?

Complete your personal syllabus for the class as well as a three to six page research summary. The syllabus must contain the following in writing: Description, Objective, Challenges, Final Deliverable(s), Calendar with week by week goals. Use 1" margins on the top, bottom, and right and a 1.5" margin on the left. Turn in a printed version of the syllabus at the beginning of your meeting. The research summary can be all text or text with supporting images. Please don't print the research summary.

Week 6 - Show us your progress

Show us what you have completed so far and discuss the plan through the end of the quarter. Give a short summary of the big idea of your project followed by a demonstration of the current status. End the presentation with a clear roadmap for the rest of the quarter including next steps and ultimate goals. Also, if your weekly plans have changed, provide a new printed calendar for the binder using the same specifications outlined earlier.

Week 10 - This is it!

This is your Senior Show! It opens on Thursday, 8 June, at 5pm.

Week 11 - Document the work

Present your project as a 1 to 2 minute video. Upload the video to Vimeo and then load it into a project page in the DMA Gallery: http://gallery.dma.ucla.edu/. Send the Vimeo URL and Cargo URL of your project to Casey (with the email subject "159A Final 2017" by noon on Friday, June 16. This counts for 10% of your final grade and it's invaluable to you. Do a great job!


Keep a record of your process. It can take any form that works for you. A sketchbook, blog, wiki, github repository, or research book are good options. This will be evaluated at the end of the class for 10% of the final grade. It's due by noon on Friday, June 16th.