Weeklies are due before the start of class on Tuesday. Your index page should have a section with a link to each weekly. Weekly P/F grades are posted here, if you want to dispute a P/F you are responsible for notifying the TA within two weeks.

WEEKLY 1 (DUE 4/11)

  • Read Frank Chimero, What Screens Want.
  • Create an index page to hold links to all your work this semester, and post online at your DMA user space.
  • Create an additional HTML page to hold your first response, and link to it from your index page.
  • First weekly response: Take an internet dérive through at least five links. Post the five links with a couple sentences that frame the journey by explaining the links relationship to each other.
  • Place your index page and weekly page online and email a link to

WEEKLY 2 (DUE 4/18)

This week reflects on themes of network surveillance and identity online. While you are thinking about your portfolio/websites, consider how you would like to be seen. What do you want to highlight, what do you want to keep private?

WEEKLY 3 (DUE 4/25)

This week, as you design your portfolios or website, the readings are about internet aesthetics and alternatives. Consider these in contrast with Frank Chimero's essay from week 1.

WEEKLY 4 (DUE 5/2)


  • Read FastCo, Glitch Art.
  • Find one glitch (either on a screen or in the physical world), take a photo or screenshot of it and post as your weekly response.
  • Create a new HTML page to hold your fourth weekly response, and link to it from your index page.
  • Not required. If you are curious, more on glitch in Rosa Menkman's Glitch Studies Manifesto.

WEEKLY 5 (DUE 5/9)

Networks of LA

  • Read/skim Ingrid Burrington, Networks of New York.
  • Create your own "infrastucture tour of LA". That is, go out into the city and collect at least three images of physical network infrastructure.
  • Post the three images and a sentence or two about each explaining what it is and why it's important as your fifth weekly response, and link to it from your index page.

WEEKLY 6 (DUE 5/16)

Sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk. No need to post anything online. We'll be using this in a future class.
Go to and click Sign in as Worker at the top right.
Click all the way through until you see the message "Your registration has been received."

WEEKLY 7 (DUE 5/23)

Deep Surfing

Plumb the depths of the World Wide Web, pick an obscure artifact of your interest and prepare a short presentation to explain its significance to the class. It can be a sign of a sub-subculture, an overlooked piece of humor, a digital ready made, a signal of a possibly emerging trend.
(Borrowed from Paolo Pedercini's Internet Resistance class. Thanks!)
+1 point for extra effort

WEEKLY 8 (DUE 5/30)

Interfaces for People

+1 point for extra effort


Online communities and movements