Spring 2017 | UCLA Department of Design Media Arts


This class explores key concepts of form, 3D modeling, digital fabrication and critical making. Students will learn to create objects in Autodesk Maya and translate them into physical objects through different processes.
Topics include prototyping, modularity, additive and subtractive manufacturing, materiality, folds, layering, joints, inserts, fixtures, virtual form, physical form, enhancements, appropriation, assemblage, digital reproduction, intellectual property.

Seenahm Suriyasat
Aaron Yih
Bridget Callahan
Marissa Bennett
Stephen Heo
Deena Mostafa
April Ding
Jessica Borchardt
Suhani Ashok
Iris Sun
Celynne Hebron
Exquisite Columns - Team 1
Exquisite Columns - Team 2
Exquisite Columns - Team 3
Exquisite Columns - Team 4