Project 1 - Exquisite Columns

Initiated by the Surrealist movement, Exquisite Corpse is a technique in which one person draws on a sheet of paper, folds it to conceal part of the drawing, and then passes it to the next person for a further contribution. For project 1, we will learn the basics of 3D modeling by taking the concept of drawing into 3D space and creating exquisite columns. Each collaborator will add to the column in sequence by being allowed to see only the plan view of what the previous person contributed. Once the overall 3D model is assembled, we will learn about digital fabrication techniques and materialize the resulting sets. Each student will be responsible for fabricating their part of the whole.

Topics covered: Plan, elevation, transformations, solids, extrusions, boolean operations, deformers.


Project 2 - Readymades

Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s ideas on assemblage and the found object as art, we will dive into existing online 3D libraries, and create digital readymades. Select a series of objects and manipulate their geometry so they can snap together. The final piece should result in a sculpture made from a set of 3D printed components that can be assembled in varying ways.

Topics covered: Interlocking systems, inserts, joints, tolerance, modularity and variability, outputting models for 3D printing.


Project 3 - Virtual Form

Create a sculpture that can only exist in a virtual format. Contrary to simulation software’s intended use, we will work with Maya to create experimental forms that transgress the rules of physics, perception, and space.

Topics covered: Physics engines, materials, rendering, lighting, time