#1 Strange Keyboard

The history of the keyboard, from a single button, to mechanical monsters, to smooth touch surfaces has defined how we think about writing—really interacting in general—on a computer.

For this project, you are to re-imagine the keyboard. How strange can a keyboard really be? What does a purpose-built keyboard tell us about the intended uses of it? If the keyboard really is a way to narrow and focus our thoughts, to digitize expression, can a strange keyboard expand and blur thought?

Working in groups of 2, make a keyboard that uses non-standard sensors, buttons, and inputs. We will work on the project in class for the next week and finish up and review our creations on Thursday the 26th. Use this project as a way to quickly test ideas and concepts and get familiar with sensors and the arduino. You should be able to complete the hardware work in-class. Your "keyboard" should be packaged in some way that is more interesting than a breadboard with wires sticking out, this can be anything from a custom designed lasercut box, to a leftover shoebox with holes cut in it, but on either side of the spectrum, you must give some thought to the formal presentation of the project.

Simple Code for Internet Keyboard Using the Trinket M0 with a Shift Register