DMA 19: Ucla Centennial Initiative: North And South, Inventions And Discoveries - Spring 2018


What is Media Culture?


Erkki Huhtamo



Using media archaeological approach, study ponders meaning of life within media culture. We use all kinds of gadgets to do work, communicate with others, and entertain ourselves. Losing or breaking smartphone may seem like end of world. In many parts of globe people behave--at least on surface--very similarly: they go to movies, watch television, work with personal computers, and cannot stop fingering their phones. In that sense we live, as media scholar Marshall McLuhan claimed in 1960s, in global village. But it has not always been this way: media culture is recent development. For most of history, humankind has not had access to technological media. It can be claimed that behind superficial similarities of media use, people still attach different values to them. These values are inherited from culture, family, ideology, race, gender, education and so on. We are all media users but we are not identical media users. Class meets April 4, 11, 25, May 2, and 9 in 162 Dodd Hall.
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