DESMA 25, Spring 2018
T/R 9am - 11:50am, Broad 4250
Instructor: Camella Dahn Gim
TA: Sam Congdon
Course Description

This course is an introduction to typography and effective typographic expression. The course consists of discussions and a step-by-step project involving a process of increasing complexities. The class will examine the micro and macro of typographic practice, from the letterform and what defines its distinct character, to exploring the (inter)relational consideration of working with and manipulating typography. First four weeks of class is scheduled for class/individual assignment reviews/critiques.

There will be several practical in-class exercises on software and information on book typography and design throughout the course. Sessions on 'book binding' will be included in this class, with demonstrations of binding techniques. InDesign templates will be distributed for all assignments; however, it is student's responsibility to follow the instruction and edit as advised. All the assignments must be saved in the class drop folder before its due date. For the mid-term, each student will refine all the earlier assignments to compiled into a final process book. This final book must be hand binded by students themselves.