DESMA 25, Spring 2018
T/R 9am - 11:50am, Broad 4250
Instructor: Camella Dahn Gim
TA: Sam Congdon

Indesign File Preparation:
Template 24x36"; bleed 0.25"; export with crop marks

Kinkos - print on BOND PAPER
confirm 1) LASER PRINTER (not soluble in water)
2) Bond paper
3) Actual poster size after trimming = 24 x 36"

Take your time and slow down when trimming (no white borders!!!)

Print your poster BY WEDNESDAY Midnight LATEST!

--> 5.30.18 Refine one of the selected posters for the final critique. Print it in 24" x 36" using tiles of letter or tabloid papers. All posters regardless to your 1:1 meetings, must be mounted on the wall before 9am.
--> 5.25.18 Refine your drafts into at least 2 or 3 compositions of posters using a grid system (including completed logo). Print one design you would like to be critiqued using tile printing method (24 x 36"). Other designs can be printed on 11 x 17" papers.
--> 5.16.18 Remember that your 40 covers will be graded separately from your books! They are two different assignments.

This Thursday, we are meeting at the shoot room.
Don't forget to bring your completed:

1/ Process book
2/ Postcard (25 copies)
3/ 40 Cover Assignments (use clip or folder)
*no late submissions

--> 5.9.18 Print full scale 100% of your best assignment (make 2 copies) for binding demo.

Revise your book design and layout for Thursday.

--> 5.4.18 For next Tuesday,
Begin with modifying/remaking your dummy before you open your InDesign. With this folded, cut and glued book, you will know how many pages and signatures (documents) you have to create.

Using appropriate column setting and baseline grid, you must have present "DESIGNED" layout of:
1/ one or two chapter divider(s) including reflection(s) (since this design is likely to be repeated for rest of the chapters)
2/ introduction page
3/ table of contents
4/ 5 spreads of selected assignments

Bring your papers.

--> 4.26.18 [POSTCARD]
Upload your revised postcard saved as a packaged indesign file by SATURDAY 5PM in the drop folder > Postcard 2nd Draft.

[Publication Research]
Upload the PDF file (drop folder > Publication Research) and PRINT your Publication Research.
Make it simple, clean and legible. You are still designing your contents.

--> 4.24.18 Revise 7 & 8. Focus on the best 5 designs per assignment and pick one or two designs imported to 4x6" postcard template.
--> 4.23.18 Make sure Assignment 7 is using one one color + black and focus on punctuation.

For assignment 8, use CMYK and try designing two new layouts. You can also apply two colors to your best designs selected from Assignments 1-6. Choose the colors carefully and look at the overall effect that colors bring into the design.

How to get the color window, and selecting CMYK colors:
1. Make sure you are working with the typography interface.
2. If you cannot find the color window, go to window and select "color".
3. From the color window, make sure to select CMYK settings to pick your colors.

Don't forget!

--> 4.19.18 Continue making the revisions and complete assignments 7 and 8. Print it for the class critique on Tuesday.
--> 4.18.18 Focus on completing the revision for assignment 1-6 for next class. Bring your own pen and printed revision of assignment 5 & 6.
--> 4.13.18 Focus on revising, perfecting the first four assignments before moving on to the next two assignments. You can always email the revisions for more constructive feedback. Please make sure to have the template box visible before exporting it as a PDF.

In the public folder, you will find examples for inspiration. While looking at them, process how hierarchy, composition, alignment, font size and SPACING are used.

Tip: reprint and fold your designs to review.

Kenya Hara, graphic designer, art director of MUJI and Chief Creative Director of JAPAN HOUSE is giving a talk this Thursday. Please RSVP here.

is disappointing. Read chapter TEXT and LETTER. Without this basic knowledge, it is likely that you will not successfully complete this class.

Thanks to group 4 and 5 for being patient even though the crit hours stretched a little longer than the class hours. Next class, we will begin with yours.
By now, everyone should have a clear understanding of all parameters. Please make sure to email, come for office hours (Sam or mine) for help. This class requires many, many revisions and through that process, your design can only improve. Don’t forget that revision is the final grade of this project.
Again, I am more than happy to look at the same assignments over and over again until you feel satisfied. However, you are entirely responsible for this revision process because Sam or I am not going to come after to checking the revisions.
Yes, Reprinting is highly encouraged since your designs look very different when printed vs. on your screen.

More than half of you have still not contributed to the class Instagram. Can we as a group try to making the account more active? follow the account, share the account, add #hashtags, add comments, and aim to upload at least two posts each week? Then, we will have 22 students x 20posts = 440 posts in total by and of the quarter.
Thanks to those you have started to post. Don’t forget to credit yourself.

--> 4.7.18 Project 2: Assignment 1-8, you are designing NOT just front covers, but font, spine, AND back. Don't forget to submit the digital PDF to the drop folder (read the instructions below) and print 5 selected designs from each assignment for critique.

Please upload all your assignments to the drop folder. Exception is made for Week 1 assignments; however starting from next week, any incomplete, late or in wrong formatted assignments will automatically be marked as zero.

How to submit your 40 book cover assignments for the next few weeks:
1. Save your InDesign files & export each assignment as a single PDF (8 designed pages as a single PDF).
2. Name your file FIRST_LASTNAME_Assignment1.pdf
3. Create your folder in the class drop folder as LAST_FIRST NAME_40BookCovers
4. Upload your assignment to your folder.
Important: I still highly recommend using Cyberduck to upload and download all the material for this class. It is your responsiblity to make sure that the file is uploaded correctly (and not just creating an empty folder).

Do not expect to print your assignments on Tuesday morning before class. Traffic will be high; there will be unexpected issues with printers.
Class will begin at 9am sharp so come in early and have your assignments mounted and ready for the critique (2 rows x 5 columns- vertically).

--> 4.5.18 Don't forget to contribute to our class Instagram account. Thanks to Haley and Max for the first few posts. Please follow the account on your personal account and turn on notifications so you can get an alert for new posts!

Whoever compiled the final PDF of the group presentation, please email it to me directly ASAP. Also, as you have experienced, uploading files via cloud is very frustrating. Please download and set up Cyberduck.

You will need at least 3 hours to complete the first two assignments. Review your notes and presenation before making your final font choice. Each design should be unique and thoughtful. At any point if you wish to discuss your design process, picking the font, email me anytime.

--> 4.3.18 Assignment 1: Font for You [NOT limited to the fonts on the list]
Submit the pdf to the class [DROP] > [Font for You].
Bring the printed name to the class for a photoshoot.
Make the font fill up the page but NOT exceeding the bounding box.

Complete Exercise 1: Hierarchy
Submit in the class [DROP] > [Ex1] folder as a PDF of Page 2 (only) of the InDesign file and name your file FIRST_LASTNAME.pdf.

Project 1: Presentation + Research Notes
1. Submit the writing part of the project to the class [DROP] > [Project 1] folder.
2. Start designing your presentation (in class drop folder for backup.

How to submit your work:
1. [DROP] folder is where you submit all your class projects.
2. Find a folder with project name.
3. Submit the file(s) with your Last_FirstName_PROJECTNAME.

Class Instagram Project
Follow the account. Login with the class account information, upload interesting typography around you and upload throughout the course. Please make sure to upload following the format including 1) a short description, 2) the location of where you've taken the photo, 3) photo by [YOUR NAME]. Do not overuse filters, avoid high contrast when editing.

Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton
Chapters: Letter & Text
All readings can be found in the class [PUBLIC] > [READINGS] folder.