DMA 160-2: Special Topics In Design | Media Arts: Nature on Internet - Spring 2019


Special Topics In Design | Media Arts: Nature on Internet


Tucker Marder


Sara Drake


Exploration of contemporary portrayal of natural world on Internet, in film, and in media. Examination of technology and narrative strategies that make epic nature documentaries, such as Planet Earth, possible. Students decipher cultural significance of animal memes, and learn from work of contemporary artists depicting and making use of animals and ecosystems. Students complete filmmaking and object-making assignments by directing, shooting, and editing their own nature films, and building their own camera apparatuses. Student work inspired by engaging with natural world, responding to history of art and media, and discussion of theoretical texts. In this time of impending ecological collapse, students learn to articulate their own environmental ethic through use of new media in social forums and public contexts, and develop their own technologies for capturing images of nature.
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