Monday + Wednesday 2-4:50 PM

instructor: Nick Crockett
nickjcrockett [ at ] gmail.com

Eddo Stern
eddostern [ at ] arts.ucla.edu

TA: Sam Malabre

Course Description

This course provides a foundation in digital game design and development.  The coursework develops concepts that are unique to game design and production. The focus is on digital game creation skills and conceptual game design. Throughout the course students will produce 2 game projects, each of which will explore various conceptual aspects of game design and more technical tools and techniques, including: game balance, multiplayer dynamics, sound, user interface, basic game programming, and working with 2D and 3D visual elements. The course will cover game design concepts through a rigorous weekly regimen of projects, lectures, written assignments, and playtesting and debugging sessions.

Learning Goals

In this course, students will

  • Create playable games or prototypes with novel and expressive gameplay.
  • Analyze the mechanics of games including their ideological and cultural underpinnings.
  • Discuss their interactive works in the context of new media art and/or in relation with mainstream cultural production.
  • Develop foundational skills for the development of games and interactive media using the game engine Unity, C#, among other tools.

Required and Recommended Tools: