DMA 159A: Capstone Senior Project: Interactivity And Games - Spring 2020


Capstone Senior Project: Interactivity And Games


Theoklitos Triantafyllidis


Hirad Sabaghian


Studio, six hours; outside study, nine hours. Preparation: completion of preparation for major courses. Requisites: courses 101, 104, 157, 161, and 160, 171, 172, or 173. Limited to seniors. Interactive media, including game design, interactive installations, dynamic websites, creative coding, and electronics. Focus on creating final project that can be showcased at Senior Show. Students can take two different courses in different terms or the same course twice in different terms. Total units for courses 159A, 159B, and 159C may not exceed 10 units, with maximum of 5 units per term. Letter grading.
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