DMA 160: Special Topics In Design | Media Arts: Generative Realities - Spring 2020


Special Topics In Design | Media Arts: Generative Realities


Noa Kaplan : noa.p.kaplan [at]


Miles Peyton : milespeyton [at]


Generative Realities is a studio class that explores the intersection of virtual reality and procedural design. Topics include: foundational strategies for constructing VR experiences and experimentation with generative landscapes, animations, and behaviors.The class will also cover the history of VR development and key ethical questions concerning what artist Hito Steyerl calls Bubble Vision, including issues of accessibility, military/surveillance applications, and claims about VR’s functionality as an empathy-machine. Additionally, the course will address how the implications of autonomous systems and algorithmic biases interlock with VR’s promise of The Ultimate Display. Experience with Unity, C# and/or 3D modeling is encouraged but not required.
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