DMA 19: Ucla Centennial Initiative: Media Culture And First 100 Years - Spring 2020


Ucla Centennial Initiative: Media Culture And First 100 Years


Erkki Huhtamo



First UCLA students lived and worked in very different media environment than current students. Situation has changed so much that it may be inconceivable. In 1919, society had just emerged from World War I. Silent movies were hits of day, with stars like Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford. Radio broadcasting had not yet started, and telephones were still luxury for many; television broadcasting was 25 years away. Study develops way of discussing histories of 20th-century media and evolution of UCLA as parallel developments. Covers history of media culture up to today's smartphone-saturated era, and tries to understand how media access affected lives and studies at university and beyond. Double focus on understanding changes in education; and on relating them to ways technological devices have gradually come to envelop peoples' lives and occupy much of their days, but also open new opportunities in both work and leisure.
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