In this project you will create a site-specific location-based artwork on UCLA campus. Create an experience that occurs over three different locations of your choosing. You will design and build a mobile application using p5.js with four different views - one for each of the three locations, and a fourth for the "in-between" state. You will be provided with a project template that allows you to specify the latitude/longitude of your three locations, automatically detecting which location you are in, and displaying the corresponding view.

PART 1: CONCEPT (DUE 7/20 at 1pm via email)

Fill out this template and email to me. Alternatively, you can print and sketch and scan/photograph and send to me. If you photograph it, make the image large enough for me to read your text.

PART 2: BUILD (DUE 7/27)

The final piece should have a clear concept that is communicated through a fully resolved and implemented design. It should work with both button press and GPS trigger. It should look correct on a standard mobile device size. For the review, you will demonstrate your project in class using the buttons. Post a link to your project on your index page. Your project can either be uploaded directly to cyberduck, or you can post a link to the project in the web editor.

Each of these four categories will be graded on a A(4) - F (0) scale. Outstanding or exceptional work will receive As, good work will receive Bs, sufficient work that does nothing more than meet requirements will receive Cs. The final grade will be an average of these four scores.