Overview / Materials / Grading


In this course, we will be exploring materials and processes for creating sculptural or design objects. This will include physical fabrication of 3D forms using a variety of tools and materials. It will also include learning to work with virtual forms using 3d scanning and 3d modeling software. We will address the following topics; geometric structures, organic structures, symmetries, scale, kinetic vs static forms, modularity, lines, planes, volume, mass, texture, light, shadow, shapes and more.

The class will focus on a variety of small projects for the first several weeks and then shift toward a more involved final project.


Required Materials and resources

Any decent three button mouse if you plan to use your laptop. It is more difficult to use Maya or Tinkercad with just a trackpad. An amazon mouse is only $7 and should be fine.

Tinkercad – we will go through the process of creating your account in class

You will be expected to go through the Tinkercad training and show your completion to me in class.

Maya 2017, a free student version can be obtained online.

An external usb drive or hard drive. Save all your projects on your external drive. Do not save your projects on school computers!

I can supply some of the art supplies but if you want to make bigger and better projects you are encouraged to purchase your own. Normally you would be expected to purchase all of this for yourself but I bought much of it in bulk to make example pieces. Which means that you can purchase some of the materials from me rather than from a store.

Things you must purchase from a store

scotch tape and/or clear packaging tape (enough to wrap your chosen objects), scissors, x-acto blades, tweezers, quick dry tacky glue, needle nose pliers  – Ralphs or Target in Westwood village or hardwood stores like Ace or Home Depot may carry some of these supplies

Plastilina clay, clay sculpting tools (or buy your own better versions at Blick 11531 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025)

Bailing wire,



You must demonstrate engagement with the tools and materials, attention to detail, improvement over time, and the ability to create compelling objects.

It is important to participate in class discussions, and maintain focus during work time. You will be asked to give a short talk about your projects during group critiques.

Project 1  = 10%

Project 2  = 10%

Project 3  = 10%

Project 4  = 10%  and is a prerequisite for project 5.

Project 5  = 40%

Participation  = 20%


Please be on time! Class begins at 1:15pm and ends at 5pm. Arriving late will result in a tardy; three tardies are equal to one absence. Each unexcused absence will result in the loss of one letter grade (A to B, B to C, etc.,). Three unexcused absences will result in a failing grade.

If there is an emergency or otherwise extenuating circumstances that prevent you from being on time or attending class, please e-mail me.

Please no mobile phones, checking e-mail, or other social media during class time.

Help your classmates, make comments, and ask lots of questions! This class is a group effort and collaboration between all of us.

Due to room renovation and other events, we maybe moving between the 4220 classroom and the 4240 classroom throughout the session. If you don’t find us in one room, check the other.

If you feel frustrated or lost in any way please let me know immediately! I am here to help.