Project 1: The Human Subject or Land as Subject

presented digitally

Choose whether you will be photographing a human subject or land as subject, or in other words, whether you will be shooting portraits or landscape photography. Blurring of these genres or creative approaches to these genres is highly encouraged. 

Project 2: Fabricated Image

presented digitally

Think of yourself as not just a photographer, but as the director of your image. Every decision you make should be considered (lighting, composition, color, scale, placement of subjects in the frame, etc). Think about creating something for the camera rather than capturing something existing or fleeting in the world. This could be green screen madness, a still life, a super styled and directed portrait, appropriation, etc.

Project 3/Final project: Multiple images

3+ images presented digitally, in prints, or in book form, the best option to be discussed ahead of time with instructor.

You must present at least three images that work together. The images should be linked conceptually and formally. This assignment can explore narrative, archives, performance for camera, sequencing of images, layering of images, or any other method for working in multiples.