Tuesday & Thursday
9-11:50 am


Thursday, February 7th

  1. Book Cover Due

Monday, February 11th

CharDavies, 6 pm, EDA

Tuesday, February 12th

  1. Finish Book Cover/Print out a final cover
  2. Drop PDF file (or file with typefaces embedded) on server
  3. Drop a "Simpletext" file about the chosen typeface and its history
  4. Begin new project: Lonesome project/grids- Read grid handouts
For Thursday: Choose a magazine (or two). Trace three grids using tracing paper and pencil or pen. See handout.

Thursday, February 14th

  1. Valentine's day
  2. Look at layouts / Look at traced magazine grids / in-class grid assignment
  3. Ellen Lupton (speaking at 6pm)

Tuesday, February 19th

  1. Four layouts / form & meaning
  2. In-class meetings & assignment

Thursday, February 21th

  1. Critique Lonesome project
  2. Choose one layout from Tuesday and develop it typographically. Re-do the same layout using image(s) only.

Monday, February 25th

Louis Castle, 6pm, EDA

Tuesday, February 26th

  1. Los Angeles research and photo trip: Field trip to the Belmont Tunnel (Address and Map) Grand Central Market : meeting @ 9am
  2. Field trip assignment : Dynamic Los Angeles Poster

Thursday, February 28th

  1. Create a 4-panel accordion fold booklet (tape edges together) using all of your text and inserting images.
  2. Watch in-class : Rem Koolhaas Lecture
  3. Berlin, 7 Designers, 7 Minutes, Wight gallery, 5pm

Friday, February 29th

Alert Projects: Graduate presentation, DMA labs, 5pm.

Tuesday, March 5th

  1. Critique Lonesome project.

Thursday, March 7th

  1. Lonesome project due. First critique LA poster (show 3 different directions).

Monday, March 11th

David Wilson: Artist, Designer & Curator, EDA, 6pm

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Tuesday, March 12th

  1. Individual meetings LA poster

Thursday, March 14th

  1. Final critique LA poster.