DESMA 153A: Design for Video

Time: Mon. & Wed. 2:00P-4:50P
Location: KINR SO Room S133

Studio, six hours; outside study, nine hours. Preparation: completion of preparation for the major courses. Use of video technology (video systems, cameras, displays, editing, and storage) to integrate image, sound, time, and motion. Emphasis on expression, continuity, and sequential patterns for video communication.

The course hopes to expose media for sustained personal expression and exploration and not simply as a mode of production. This course emphasizes experimentation and exploration of possibilities of the moving image through the use of video technologies, including exploring what non-linear editing and other computer software may allow. The course will expose individuals to various forms of time based expressions as well as provide workshops to learn basics of video editing and processing software, if times permits the course will explore storage and distribution methods as well.

Grading Policy is as follows:
All assignments are evaluated out of a maximum of 10. Any work handed in late (including not showing up for a crit session) will automatically be evaluated out of 5 (half the grade potential).
  • Assignment 1 10%
  • Assignment 2 10%
  • Assignment 3 10%
  • Assignment 4 10%
  • Assignment 5 10% (includes 5a and 5b)
  • Assignment 6 10%
  • Final Assignment 40%
Just satisfactory completion of assignments will be graded as a C.
Final Grading will be P/NP or letter grading

Prof. Osman Khan
- Office Hours: Wed After Class
TA: Aaron Koblin

Week 1 Mon. Jan. 10 Introductions & Review of Class
Video vs Film?
VIEWING: Visions of Light

Assignment 1:
Make a Self Portrait, Do not move or change camera, no sound, no more than 5 min, no editing. Place camera on tripod or the like.
Wed. Jan. 12 LAB - Intro to Final Cut Pro


Wed. Jan. 20 Exploring the Frame:
VIEWING: Early Film (Melies), Dadaist + Surrealist Films (Richter, Man Ray, Banuel + Dali, Duchamp, Leger, Dulac, Cocteau)

Also Hitchcock, Dreyer, Tarkovsky, Sukarov, Tarr

LAB - Final Cut Cont.

Asignment 1 Due + Critique
Assignment 2: Capture a place, move/change camera, no sound, no more than 2 min, no digital editing. explore zooms, pans, and the like as well as light and shadow.
Week 3 Mon. Jan. 25 Every Cut reveals a Bias - looking at editing VIEWING: Documentaries (Chis Marker, Joris Ivens), montage (Eisenstein + Vertov). Skratch Video...

Assignment 2 Due + Critique
Assignment 3:
Take hour worth of random footage and make 2 shorts out of the footage, no sound
Wed. Jan. 27Lab - Final Cut Cont.
Week 4 Mon. Jan. 31 Beyond the Frame:
VIEWING: Post-War Experimentalism and Avant Garde films (Structuralist, Snow, Brackage, Daren, Anger)
Assignment 3 Due + Critique
Assignment 4:
2 min video concentrating on an effect (preferrably from post production tools and not from camera)

Wed. Feb. 2 LAB - Final Cut Cont.

Week 5 Mon. Feb. 7 Sound & Vision:
VIEWING: Music Videos, Oscar Fischinger, 2001 Space Odyssey

Assignment 4 Due + Critique
Assignment 5a
Make 2 Min of Sound
Wed. Feb. 9 LAB - After Effects

Assignment 5A due
Assignment 5b:
Take sounds from others and visualize
Week 6Mon. Feb. 14 Animation
VIEWING: The Brothers Quay, Jan Svankmajer, Waking Life

Assignment 5 Due + Critique
Assignment 6:
Make a film inspired by a piece of writing
Wed. Feb. 16 LAB - After Effects Cont.

Week 7 Mon. Feb. 21 Video Art
VIEWING: Nauman, Acconci, Cambell, Barney, Rist
Assignment 6 Due + Critique

Wed. Feb. 23 LAB - DVD Studio

Week 8 Mon. Feb. 28 Politics and Identity Assignment 6 Due + Critique
Final Assignment:
Wed. Mar. 2 Individual Work

Week 9 Mon. Mar. 7Alternate Forms:
Installations, Projections, multiple screens
Review Concepts + ideas

Wed. Mar. 9 Individual Work
Review Concepts + Ideas Cont.

Week 10 Mon. Mar. 14 Individual Work
Final Review + Critique
Wed. Mar. 16 Final Review + Critique