DESMA 159 Senior Projects Winter Quarter 2008
Time: Monday – Wednesday 2:00pm–4:50pm Location: Broad 4250

Professor Rebecca Allen rallen(at)arts(dot)ucla(dot)edu
Office Hours: by appointment Broad 5270

TA: John Carpenter johnbcarpenter(at)gmail(dot)com
Office Hours: Monday 12:00pm-1:00pm or by appointment. Broad 4250

- The course will focus on the development of portfolio material resulting in a completed portfolio by the end of the quarter. Work to date and future goals will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine requirements for a final portfolio.
- Students may also propose individual projects that may or may not be directly related to their portfolio.
- This class will require / encourage personal initiative. It can be an opportunity to explore new areas or further develop an existing personal direction of study.
- Class time will include class discussions, student presentations of work and studio time for project development. Individual student meetings will be scheduled throughout the quarter.
- There will be two additional assignments. One is a design studio project; the other is a presentation & two page paper on a future direction of design. (Details provided later in the quarter.)
- Attendance will be expected at all classes. Tardiness and missed classes will affect your grade.

- Wednesday, January 23rd - Independent Project Proposal
- Wednesday, January 23rd/30th - Assign.#1. Future Design Presentations
- Wednesday, February 6th - Mid-term Presentations
- Friday, February 8th - upload your website/independent project schedule proposal
- Wednesday, February 27th - upload your resume to the class ftp drop box
- Wednesday, March 12th - Final class and presentations

- How to SFTP to your DMA home page (