Interactive Media 1, Winter 09, Casey Reas
Gregory Batha - roboFunkyard

The final project is the integration of concepts from the original prototypes. It features both the ability to sequence sounds by clicking their buttons, but also perform them live by pressing their designated keys. It also features a simple and friendly GUI, emphasizing response to user input and animations to illustrate the sounds.

NOTE:: The resolution for this application is 1024x768. This may be too large for your web browser to run comfortably, especially if your monitor is this resolution. If this is the case, you will want to download the full screen version for your respective operating system.

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RoboMusic is a project that focuses on the composition and performance of digital, robotic music. Each program maintains a robotic aesthetic both visually and musically. The programs are designed to be simple and child friendly and allow for easy musical composition from different perspectives. RoboJunkyard puts the user in the position of a metaphorical DJ, authoring a sequence of noises using the sounds each robot makes. Each robot can be considered an instrument or even a member of a band. RoboPiano is a virtual piano that plays robotic notes. It gives the user the options of composing, playing from a song sheet, or just playing freestyle. These individual prototypes illustrate the original concepts that went into the final project.

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