Followup References from last crit

I wrote a bunch of stuff down in my notebook while we were talking. Mostly because I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of conversation with too many references. So here’s a little list of cool stuff that came to mind. Sorry I didn’t write stuff for everybody, mostly for projects that relate to work I do/am interested in.

Laura: Look carefully at the video work of Candice Breitz. In the video section of her website. Particularly pieces like “Soliloquey Trilogy” and “Mother+Father”.


Greg: The work of my friend David Tinapple came to mind: http://www.davidtinapple.com/index.html, check out his “Silence Extractions”. Also I bet you’d really like paperrad: http://www.paperrad.org/. They do a lot of mashups.

Also I bet you’d really like early Dada mashups. They kind of invented the mashup. John Heartfield was a collage / political satire pioneer. He made a lot of amazing anti-nazi collage work. Some of his work was incorporated into a great film called “Zygosis“. If you can find that somewhere I recommend watching it. Erkki has a copy.

Leigh-Anne: For some reason I wrote down a refernce to Peter Greenaway’s film “The Pillow Book” which has a lot of amazing imagery of written text on bodies. Not much to do with dancing though. There’s been a lot of interesting work with dancing/performance together with new media and projections. Here’s a couple references:

Matt: Check out the animation work of PES: http://www.eatpes.com/coinstar.html

Also, you talked a lot about looping. Looping can be so much more than just something repeating over and over again. It can also be itterative and eccretive. Check out this famous animation “Tango” by Zbig Rybczynski

Richard: See Marius Watz: http://www.unlekker.net/ and also, I encourage you to investigate the first generation abstract animators like Oskar Fischinger and my favorite, Norman McLaren:

This animation, Sychromie, will probably be interesting, visually, to Katie as well.

Katie: Referenced by Caro was Scott Arford. I also thought it might be interesting for you to look at Chladni Figures, scientific images of sound patterns:

Danna, you should look at the work of Tim Hawkinson. Study it carefully.

Jake: I mentioned the Coffee & TV video. Everybody else should look that up, it rocks. Also check out the Squared Circles flickr pool, and a friend’s graduate work from Carnegie Mellon, doing an analysis of this flickr pool to group similar ones together.

Then do a search for Sol Bass and look at his animation work for inspiration:

Joseph: I would look at the aesthetics of active Multi User Dungeon (MUD) games such as Lambdu Mu, and terminal based games like Zork.

For everybody, once I blabbed a bunch in class about Henry Darger. Here are some links to explain his story:



Sorry to those of you who I wasn’t able to think of other references for.


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