Weekly reading assignments are required for class participation and to complete the midterm and final effectively. Students should work with the professor and their TA throughout the quarter regarding their research topics for the midterm and final.


Grading is based on the midterm, final paper, blog, and attendance.

Midterm Due February 8th by Midnight
Students will turn in their Midterm Presentation and blog to their TA by February 8th at midnight. Please post your blog as you normally do, and email your professor the presentation. You can download the presentation template as a PowerPoint file here: PowerPoint Template (available shortly)

FORMAT: If you don't use movies/animations in your presentation, please submit your presentation as a PDF file (you can do this by exporting or printing to a PDF from PowerPoint or Keynote). If you included movies/animations, please send the PowerPoint or Keynote file (reminder: if your using PowerPoint, you must also email the movie file as the program does not embed them).

PDF/POWERPOINT/KEYNOTE TEMPLATE (use the template to fill in your information):
Page 1: Title Page (DESMA 9: Art, Science and Technology. Title. Name. Section)
Page 2: Abstract(~100 words)
Page 3: Concept/Topic (~100 words)
Page 4: Context & Precedents (imagery/text)
Page 5-7: Project Proposal + Diagram/Illustration (~100 words)
Page 8: Conclusion (~100 words)
Page 9: References. Please use the MLA Handbook for format guidelines
Page 10: Bibliography/Links (20 minimum). Please use the MLA Handbook for format guidelines

More info shortly

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Students are required to do weekly blogging related to the topics covered. Specifically, they will be responding to the lecture or reading materials, and are encouraged to incorporate news/research related to the subject. The blog will be reviewed weekly.