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Comparative Game Review

Comparative Game Review

Better late than never!
Without further ado – Game Adaptations of Literary Works

Lung Detective Action Man

Lung Detective Action Man is a breath-controlled, top-down shooter that incorporates the idea of breath and breathing into every aspect of the game. Using a stretch sensor, the game incorporates the inward and outward breathing motion as both propulsion and a shooting action, relying on the player to only control the direction of their movement. [...]

Space Kitchen Final

Play The Game!
The Source
Design Doc
Feedback/comments/questions/critiques are very welcomed at
WASD -> Movement
Ctrl -> Crouch
Left Click -> Context sensitive based on target: Pick up/drop item, open doors, use buttons, etc.
Hold Left Click -> If you hold left click while holding an object, will switch to object mode, which allows precises placement of objects
Right Click -> Throw [...]

Mind Asylum Final – by Mikal and Adeline

Mind Asylum
by Mikal and Adeline
design doc download here.
video gameplay videos: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5,
web playable version here.
.zip file download here.
Game Controls:
Play Game: P
Restart Game: R
Movement: W,A,S,D
Ashley (red):  X (special action),  V (yank thoughts)
Harvey (yellow):  B (special action),  N (yank thoughts)
Lenny (blue):   . (special action),  / (yank thoughts)

Jabberwocky Game Design Document

It appears that I cannot edit Jasleen’s post and am not sure if Jasleen will have enough time to update hist post before 4pm. Thus, just in case, I am posting the final game design document here as a separate post.
Jabberwocky Game Design Document

Ulysses Final Submission

Ulysses- Unity Zip file
Ulysses-Web Playable Version
Ulysses-Windows Standalone
Ulysses-Mac Standalone
Ulysses-Final Design Document
Ulysses-Gameplay video <– Please excuse the bad quality of the video….
Ulysses-Screen Shot #1
Ulysses-Screen Shot #2
Ulysses-Screen Shot #3
Ulysses-Screen Shot #4


A multiplayer networked game, based on the poem ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll.
Design Document
Zipped Source
Higher Res

Split Science

Split Science – Web Version
Split Science – Compressed
Split Science – Final Design Doc
Split Science – Documentation
Split Science Intro Cutscene
Split Science Win Sequence
At the beginning of the game, the player assumes control of the scientist, Daniel, and must attempt to fend off invading forces through use of special radio transmitter devices and genetically engineered [...]

Protozoa Final Submission

Design Document:
Zipped Project Folder:
Zipped Web Version:
Link to Web Version:
*NOTE: To play web version, hit “d” once the game loads and proceed to play using the mouse. Ignore the socket errors.

Ephemeroptera Final Submission

Zipped Game Project Folder
Web Version
Windows Downloadable
Mac Downloadable
Design Document
Video Documentation
Video Documentation (youtube)
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5

Submission help.

It seems that people are once again having trouble uploading their files on the website.
Wordpress does not allow uploads of non-standard files (other than images, video or html). Hence, we need to employ some other strategy to upload these files.
Your options are as follows:

If you are in the DMA lab, then you can simply [...]


Hope this link works…
Escape Sheeptopia, Save your Sheepish Friends, and Fight for Sheep Freedom!!
Web Playable-
Zip File-
Screenshots- One, Two, Three, Four


Sorry about the delay- I had a flash drive fail, and when I came back to the lab last night it was locked XD
Here’s the flux web version:
Flux Webversion
Flux Zipped
Flux Design Doc
Flux Gameplay Video


Love the Object dispenser..
(you should remove that focal length UI elemet)

Harmony – Final Project

Harmony by Brett and Monica
Web Version
Zip file
Design Doc
Annoying Hex Grid Calculations we had to use to calculate “neighbors”

Space Kitchen

Play The Game!
UPDATE: The web version is now updated. Definitely would’ve preferred presenting this version Wednesday. All the objects have sound now, all the “instruments” work. Recommend full screen or clicking  off screen will piss you off
Hopefully I’ll continue development with new instruments better gameplay etc. Feedback/comments/questions/critiques are very welcomed at
Controls: (or see ingame pseudo-instruction [...]

Ephemeroptera Final

Opens in browser
Download version



No Pain No Game

Not really in game form, but could definitely see “Extreme BrainAge” using this

Space Kitchen Update – Final Presentation Goal

Goal for final presentation:
A walkthrough with 2 song missions:
1st mission:
Wake up in the hallway between kitchen and laser-lounge.

Door to laser -lounge is locked.
Eccentric robot voice can be heard coming from kitchen.

Once player enters kitchen, robot voice changes.

“Oh, you’re… awake.  How was your nap, master?  You were out for a little while.  But you’re OK now [...]

Comparison of Shoot’em Ups


Game Review: Boss Level Structure

Here is my game review:

Comparative Game Analysis – Andy Reyes

Analysis of Game Object Display and Collision Behavior in Top-Down Adventure Games!
You know you love it!

Narrative Storytelling by Mikal Saltveit