Art, Science & Technology

Syllabus - DESMA 9

Victoria Vesna, Ph.D.
Teaching Assistants:
Joanna Cheung, Tiffany Trenda, Eric Parren, Rhazes Spell
TA skype: desma.9
Location: Fowler A103B
Days / Times: Tue & Thu, 2:00-3:50pm (lecture)


1:00-1:50 Fowler A139 Joanna Cheung ( )
Office hours: FRI 10am - 11am
In person location: Untitled cafe, Broad Arts building, 2nd floor
4:00-4:50 Fowler A103B Rhazes Spell ( )
Office hours: WED 1pm - 2pm
In person location: Untitled cafe, Broad Arts building, 2nd floor
1:00-1:50 Fowler A139 Tiffany Trenda( )
Office hours: TUE 1pm - 2pm
In person location: Untitled cafe, Broad Arts building, 2nd floor
4:00-4:50 Fowler A139 Eric Parren ( )
Office hours: FRI 12pm - 1pm
In person location: Untitled cafe, Broad Arts building, 2nd floor



4: Intro - topics in Art, Sci + Tech
6: Two Cultures
11: Math and Art
13: Math and Art, part 2 -
3pm Patricia Olynyk lecture
18: Industrial age / Kinetic art
20: Robotics
25: Artifical Intelligence
27: Biology and Art
public lecture: Felice Frankel lecture at CNSI, 5pm


1: Guest lecture: Chico McMurtie
3: MIDTERM presentations
8: Biotechnology – food, sex, death
10: 2pm, Oksana Chepelyk lecture
15: Nature tech -- biomimicry
NATURE TECH movie viewing, Q&A with director, Alfred Vendl
public lecture: Diane Gromala at EDA, Broad Art center
public event: North | South mixer
17: Human body / performance (Tiffany Trenda)
22: Nanotechnology: guest lecture by Professor James Gimzewski
24: Neuroscience / Consciousness
public event: 25th / 26th - Society and Genetics symposium: Human and Dog co-evolution: Made for Each Other at Fowler Auditorium and Wilson Plaza
public lecture: The Logic Alphabet of Dr. Shea Zellweger at EDA


1: REVIEW: TA's lead
3: Space: the final frontier
public lecture:Marko Peljhan lecture at CNSI
8: Guest lecture: TBD
16: FINAL 3PM - 6PM location: Fowler A103B
Additional locations to visit:
Museum of Jurassic Technology, BioMed Library and others announced throughout the quarter.


Weekly reading assignments with viewing of archived video streams are required for class participation and to complete the midterm and final presentations effectively. Students should work with the professor and their TA throughout the quarter regarding their research topics for the midterm and final presentations.


Students are asked to do weekly blogging related to the topics and events / lectures attended outside of class. No less than 300 words, no more than 500. At least one image and one link. No Wikipedia references -- find direct source even if your starting point is there. Blog 1: topic of the week -- you are expected to research current events, historical aspects and/or locate books or other resources related to the topic of the week. Blog 2: You are required to attend a minimum of five listed public lectures / events / locations during the quarter. Photo from the site is required and no copy-paste from website will be accepted. Blogging on more than five events will be considered extra credit. Due Sunday midnight each week.


Grading is based on attendance and participation (10%), the assignments (midterm presentation - 20%, final presentation- 30%, blog journal- 40%). Midterm presentation: powerpoint using template provided. Final presentation: powerpoint using template provided.