Electromechanical list and Mechanical power methods

Electromechanical devices and control
1. DC motor  (Hbridge, PWM, Transistor, Relay)
2. AC motor (PWM, Relay)
3. Stepper Motor (darlingtom array, motor sheild)
4. DC servo (servo controller board with usb/serial communication)
5. DC Solenoid Push type / Pull type/ Rotary (drive with Tip 120 or relay)
6. Hydraulics – pumps and valves
7. Pneumatics – valves

Mechanical power methods
1. Gears / idlers // gear box / gear ratio
1.5. foam/rubber wheels
2. Sprockets and Chains
3. Timing Belts
4. Pulleys and wheels
5. Cams
5.5 wheels ..
6. inflatable joints
7. Rack and Pinion
8. Linear Actuators (worm gear)

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