Week 1 Tuesday 01/10
Class + Lab Overview
About Electro-Mechanics
Basic Electronic Components
Thursday 01/12
All Electronics Trip
Week 2 Tuesday 01/17
Working with servos and potentiometers lab
Due : Project 1 PDF, basic tools purchased
Thursday 01/19
Electronics Fabrication
Power Supply conversion lab Project 1 lab time
Week 3 Tuesday 01/24
Present Final Project Proposals
Due: Bread boarded Project 1
Thursday 01/26
Project 1 lab time
Week 4 Tuesday 01/31
Present Project 1Due: Project 1 finished
Thursday 02/02
Project 2 prototype lab time
Week 5 Tuesday 02/07
Midterm review.
Laser cutter demo.Due: Project 2 Description
Thursday 02/09
Project 2 lab timeFritzing
Week 6 Tuesday 02/14Project 2 lab time Thursday 02/16
Present Project 2
Due: Project 2 finished
Week 7 Tuesday 02/21
Present McMaster ResearchDue: McMaster Research as PDF
Thursday 02/23
motor control lab
Final project lab
Week 8 Tuesday 02/28
Milling and Mold Making
Thursday 03/01
Final project lab
Week 9 Tuesday 03/06
Final project lab
Thursday 03/08
Final project lab
Week 10 Tuesday 03/13
Final project lab
Thursday 03/15
Final project lab
Finals Tuesday 03/19
Due: Final Project Presentations

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