DESMA 152B/252B
Programming Media 2
UCLA Design Media Arts, Winter 2012
When: Tuesday, Thursday:  9:00am – 11:45am
Where: Fabrication Labs
Professor: Eddo Stern
TA: Seph Li
Office Hours: By Appointment (Thurs 12-2)

Course Description

In this course we will explore the use of electro-mechanical actuators and sensors, custom interface design, microcontroller programming, and building kinetic & interactive physical artworks. The course will cover practical electronics theory, programming for embedded systems, basic milling, laser cutting, mold making, circuit building, and other sculptural electronics fabrication techniques.
The quarter’s coursework is divided between technical and theoretical exercises for the first 5 weeks, and a more freeform final kinetic project for the second half. Class time will consist of demos and lectures, project critiques and presentations, and hands on work time. Note: this is a cross listed Undergraduate and Graduate level course, as such some flexibility with assignment requirements will be afforded to students  in order to accommodate a range of experience and skill levels.

2 Short Assignments (50%):
Midterm review (10%)
Final Kinetic Project (40%)
- Materials and technologies Research.
- Final Presentation.

Required Text:
Scherz, Paul, Practical Electronics for Inventors 2E, McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 2006, (ISBN: 978-0071452816)

Weekly Schedule:

Week 1:
Class Overview
Electro-Mechanics, Basic Electronics lecture
Working with potentiometers lab
Week 2:
Electronics Fabrication
Power Supply conversion lab
Due:  basic tools and materials purchased

Week 3:
Programming logic lecture
Harvesting Materials – De-soldering lab
Open lab time

Week 4:
Servo and motor control
Present Project 1
Due: Project 1 finished

Week 5:
Midterm review
Laser cutter CAD demo
Fritzing Demo

Week 6:
Present Project 2
Open lab time
Due: Project 2 finished
Week 7:
Present Materials Research
Open lab time
Due: Materials Research as PDF

Week 8:
Milling and Mold Making lecture and demo
Open Lab time

Week 9:
Open Lab time
Due: Final project Prototype

Week 10:
Open lab time

Due: Final Project Presentations