Week 8 -11

Kinetic Sculpture / Automatan

Project Learning Goals:

  1. Primary goal – learn how to use more advanced mechanical devices and techniques
  2. Design a compelling automatic sculpture – taking into consideration installation as  sculpture  and viewer experience
  3. Learn how to use external power sources and driving larger loads
  4. Learn how to sort through  more complex databases of interconnected mechanical components
  5. Improve your fabrication and soldering skills

Project Overview:
Create an arduino controlled mechanical sculpture that will be ready to preform on tuesday of finals week.

Project Requirements:

  1. Use external power to drive your project (an additional Power Supply, or Battery) in addition to the power source of your Arduino microcontroller
  2. Use at least one electro mechanical device: Solenoid, DC Motor, AC motor, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, Fan, Pneumatic or hydraulic Pumps or Valves
  3. Use at least one Relay, TransistorExternal Board (such as a servo controller) or a Specialized Arduino Shield (such as the Motor Shield)
  4. Use at least one mechanical power transmission technique such as : Gears, Sprockets, Timing Belts, Rack and Pinion, Linear Actuators, Cams, Pulleys, etc
  5. Use the Arduino Microcontroller as the main CPU of your project
  6. You may use any  material to build your project: plex, wood, metal, fabric, paper, etc,
  7. Your project must be soldered together and made in a robust manner
  8. Collaborative projects are fine – just do twice as much work as you would if you did it alone :)


These following awards will be given using an anonymous poll:
- Fewest Arduino pins used Award
- Most thrifty project ($) “Shallow Pockets” Award
- Deepest Concept Award;)
- Most creative/enexpected use of materials Award
- ////<<<< — HUZZAH! Best Commented code Award —  >>>>> ////
- Most Robust Project “BUILT TUFF!” Award

By Tuesday of week 8
– a proposal for your final project in PDF form posted to the website and discussed with the Proffesor and TA

On Tuesday of Finals week: the projects are due  9:00am the Tuesday of Finals week – our last day of class / show  -have a fully working project on this day ready to present