UCLA Design | Media Arts    MW 2-4:45pm    Broad Art Center room 4250
Professor: Steven Schkolne    TA: Chris Reilly


Social Game

Group A: Group B:


Design a SOCIAL game. Your design goal is to facilitate personal connection through gameplay. After playing, the players should know more about one another's personality and values.


1) Design a 4 player game.

2) Your game cannot utilize a board.

3) You can use any materials or devices you want. Please pay attention to aesthetics, dropping store-bought items into your game whose appearance does not resonate with other game elements+value will result in point deduction.

4) Gameplay should last no more than 20 minutes.

5) Consciously focus your design to create SOCIAL connection.

6) Don't forget to make it fun!

*) If there's a game you've wanted to make all term, but haven't had the chance, feel free to ask the professor for an alternate set of parameters.


Deliverable 1 (March 5 / 7) Deliverable 2 (March 12 / 14)

Name your final PDF using your first, then last name, then "Game4", followed by a .pdf extension. E.g.: ChrisReillyGame4.pdf. Failure to name your PDF correctly, or failure to place all required materials in a single PDF, will result in the deduction of two points.

PDF document should include:

Late Policy:

If you do not have your prototype set up in class and ready to play by 2:15pm on your assigned day you will lose 5 points.

If you do not have your final game set up in class and ready to play by 2:15pm on your assigned day you will lose 9 points.

If an emergency occurs that prevents you from bringing in your prototype/game on the appropriate day, a written note from a doctor/medical clinic, therapist/counselor, law enforcement agency, or UCLA faculty/staff member is required to be exempted from this penalty.


Group A (March 5 prototype, March 12 final) Group B (March 7 prototype, March 14 final)


Good Luck to you.