UCLA Design | Media Arts    MW 2-4:45pm    Broad Art Center room 4250
Professor: Steven Schkolne    TA: Chris Reilly


Due before class Monday Feb 6, 2012


Please address the following questions, write a few good paragraphs per question. Feel free to raise any other questions or express other opinions that the reading may inspire. Post your notes to the class website by class time Wednesday (under the category Reading Notes 1)


  1. Choose an emergent game not mentioned by Juul in which a small number of rules and objects can be combined to produce gameplay scenarios that the designer did not predict. Explain which rules and objects can be combined to produce surprising scenarios. Describe some surprise scenarios facilitated by these rules/objects. Descibe one rule or object that could be added the game to increase the emergent possibilities.
  2. Juul presents Sid Meier's three criteria for interesting choices. Pick a game that Meier designed, and describe three interesting choices in the game that meet Meier's criteria. Describe the subjective player experience produced by these rules, and explain why these rules produce this feeling.
  3. Choose a challenge in real life in which interesting choices are made. Sketch out a game design in which players face decisions that feel similar to these real-world choices.