Metagame x Identity: Designed Manual

Polemical Game: Designed Manual

The PDF manual above contains most of the game’s rules. Unfortunately, I ran out of time again and was unable to write a few things in, so I have written them out below in text form.

what to do

NOTE: If you have been following the instructions in the “Game Setup” section, skip steps 1 and 2 on the first turn, as those 2 steps will have already been completed.

1. At the start of each turn, discard any cards remaining in your hand into your personal discard pile.

2. Draw 5 cards from your Metagame deck.
If there are less than 5 cards remaining, then shuffle your deck and discard pile together and then draw 5 cards.

3. Choose one of the following options. You may perform only one of these three actions per turn:

a) Get a Metagame Card: Add 1 card to your Metagame deck, discarding Metagame cards from your hand (and Identity Cards if you need to) to buy it if necessary. (see “DECK BUILDING” for more information)

b) Get a Character Card: Discard 2 Metagame cards from your hand to acquire a new Character card from the top of the Character deck.

c) Identify One of Your Characters: Identify one of your characters at the cost of 3 Metagame Cards. (see “IDENTIFYING CHARACTERS” for more information)

4. Play Metagame Cards from your hand and/or use the abilities of your Characters you have Identified.

5. Announce the end your turn so that your opponent can move.

NOTE: Any Metagame Cards you play or discard go to your Personal Discard Pile. This way, you never permanently lose your Metagame Cards as they are eventually reshuffled into your deck.

Any Character or Identity Cards you discard, on the other hand, go to the Global Discard Pile. Once cards have been discarded to the Global Discard Pile, they can never be regained.


deck building

If you choose to get a Metagame card, take 1 card from the piles of Metagame cards placed at the side.

metagame - ban metaknight

Each Metagame card has a “cost” value listed in its upper-right corner. You must discard a number of cards equal to this value in order to add that card to your deck.

Some cards, such as Attack, Shield, and Grab&Throw have a cost value of 0. This means you can acquire them without discarding any cards.

If you have any Identity cards in play, you can discard those in addition to Metagame cards to meet the total required by the cost value. However, if you discard an Identity card, it goes to the Global Discard Pile, so you can never get it back.

Because you can only have up to 5 cards in your hand at once, discarding Identity cards in addition to Metagame cards is the only way you can acquire Metagame Cards with a cost value greater than 5, such as “Meta Knight is Broken”.