Natalie Bookchin Talk

Natalie Bookchin’s talk was inspiring to say the least. She displayed some of her semi-recent work, which all felt very much a part of the same genre, DIY media. I was particularly interested in her ideas surrounding the new wave of self-administered footage flooding the web – something she referred to as “participatory culture.”  The way she managed to pull these moments from this database oblivion was incredible, and this is what was stunning in her work; her ability to choreograph a multitude of these clips people had taken at home with their video cameras into one fluid piece. Many people, including myself, were wondering about the procedure she went through to collect and piece together these clips. I was imagining the sheer labor and hours that must have gone into shifting through the endless footage that is on the web and cutting each individual video into one giant piece. This thought was annoyingly distracting from the overall piece, which was perhaps one of what I thought to be the downsides of her work, i.e. how obviously manual it all was. However, I was still taken aback by her ability to create the overall masterpiece. I believe that Natalie was a clear-minded inspiration to us all, and I soaked up all she spoke of and showed to us.